Sonke Development
Sonke Development is a consulting company specialising in the development of industry, communities, organizations, and people, from a sustainable development perspective. The company works in South Africa and the African continent as a whole.  
We offer services in a broad range of areas including stakeholder management, monitoring and evaluation, race & gender diversity management, organization development, strategy, skills development and education, policy research and support, and development management in general.
The company was formed in 1999, and has a solid track record of delivery with a long list of clients, including industry, national, provincial and local government institutions, NGOs, CBOs, international organizations and embassies.
We are committed to delivering quality client-specific services in the areas referred to above. We approach organisational change, and management from a strategic systems perspective to ensure that strategy drives all the elements in a given organisation. Sonke aims to provide continued service to our clients, with the view to building institutional capacity and to contribute to the overall aims of national and international development. We are proud to put forward our service offering, with confidence in the consulting expertise and experience of our team.
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